Custom Cigar labels

Custom Cigar Label is one of the services we take pride in offering at Aldo Cigars. Our journey into the world of personalized cigar bands began when some of our cherished clients celebrated the arrival of their new babies. Like any proud parent, they wanted to commemorate this joyous occasion with a premium cigar. That’s when we had an idea – why not create custom cigar labels to mark this special moment? Thus, our custom cigar label service was born.

Why Choose Aldo Cigars for Your Custom Cigar Labels?

1. A Legacy of Craftsmanship: With years of experience, we’ve honed our craft to perfection. When you choose Aldo Cigars, you select premium cigars with elegant designs that reflect your individuality.

2. Personal Touch for Special Moments: Whether it’s celebrating a newborn, a wedding, or a unique event, our custom cigar labels add a personal touch to your cigar experience. You can include your child’s name, date of birth, weight, and even a picture on the cigar band – the possibilities are endless.

3. Endless Referrals and Happy Clients: Word spread like wildfire once we created those first few custom cigar bands. Our clients referred friends and acquaintances, sharing their experience of enjoying a fine smoke with a personalized twist. People from all walks of life started reaching out, wanting to create their custom cigar labels.

Popular Occasions for Custom Cigar Labels:

  • Baby Cigar Bands: Celebrate the arrival of a new family member with personalized cigar bands.
  • Wedding Cigar Bands: Make your special day even more memorable with custom cigar labels for the bride and groom.
  • Bachelor Party Cigar Bands: Create a unique experience for your bachelor party with personalized cigar bands) s.
  • Corporate Gift and Event Cigar Bands: Impress clients and colleagues with custom labels for corporate events.
  • Golf Tournament Cigar Bands: Add a touch of sophistication to your golf tournament with custom cigar bands.

How to Create Your Custom Cigar Label:

Step 1: Select Your Cigar

Choose your favorite Aldo Cigar to apply the custom label. You can select from our range of fine cigars, picking the blend, size, shape, and wrapper that suits your special occasion.

Step 2: Design Your Label

Work closely with us to design your unique custom cigar label. Please provide us with any details, images, logos, or artwork you want on the label. We’ll email you a proof for your review, making revisions until it’s right. 

Step 3: Get them done.

Once you’re satisfied, we’ll print your labels and put them on your cigars. Then, we returned the cigars to our walk-in humidor to recuperate the humidity. Finally, we contact you to let you know the cigars are ready to go. We will save your cigar design, making reordering a breeze.