Cigar Rolling Show


Cigar Rolling Show

As an extra service, free of charge, we provide a premium cigar rolling demonstration which means extra fun time for all your guests, even those who have no intention of smoking. Aldo Rodriguez who is Cuban cigar roller will entertain your guests with an exceptionally unique and memorable once in a life time cigar rolling experience!

Beside rolling cigars we will provide them the opportunity to gain insight in the process of cultivation and blending of tobacco leaf. We may also give to some of them the oportunity to roll cigars. They will be also educated about the various properties tobacco includes that incorporate a fine cigar.

A unique experience for a unique moment!

clients say

You were a huge hit!!!
“Bret is happy there are cigars left! We are headed back into town now. I will come by over the weekend or next week. We had a blast with you at our wedding! You were a huge hit!!!! See you soon!”

Elainea Engelman, Fresno,

It was amazing and you were wonderful!.
“Hi, Aldo. I did not have a chance to say goodbye and thanks you on Saturday night. Everything was fabulous! Andrew can not stop talking about the cigar bar and our guest loved it. It was amazing and you were wonderful!. Thank you again for everything.”

Kelsey Russells, Merced, CA