cigar bar


Cigar Bar

Cigar Bar at weddings is like fine wine, an ultimate social exchange among most of your guests. It may undoubtedly be the greatest hit at your wedding or for that matter any special occasion you may have! It offers the most memorable experiences contributing to the success of your special day.

Our company specializes in Cigar Bar for Wedding, providing a properly controlled cigar humidor on site to ensure your guests will enjoy their cigar with optimum conditions of humidity and temperature. Also all accessories, like cutters, punches, torch lighters, matches, and ashtrays will be provided for guests enjoyment. We will advise and assist your guests with selection, proper cutting, lighting, smoking and storage of cigars.

Choosing your Wedding Cigars

We are certain we can find the package that will fit your budget. However, if you prefer to do your own cigar bar at your wedding we can help you decide the type of cigars enhancing your wedding experience. Cigars for weddings can be an incredible event, however you may need expert advice from Aldo Cigars.