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Black Label Blend

Black Label is our very unique Extra Premium Line. In this line we offer five different vitola blends & wrappers. From left to right:

Cortico Connecticut: Mild-bodied, with Connecticut wrapper and Brazilian Maduro tips.

Cortico Habano: Medium-bodied, with Habano Criollo wrapper and Connecticut tips.

Chairman 6th Anniversary: Mild to medium-bodied, with Connecticut and Habano Criollo wrappers.

Triple No.1: Mild to Medium to Full, with Connecticut, Habano and Brazilian Maduro Wrappers.

Triple No.2: Full to Medium to Mild, with Brazilian Maduro, Habano and Connecticut Wrappers.

green Label Blend

Green labels are pleasurable, creamy smooth, mild-bodied cigars, excellent for the more conservative cigar smokers. The mildness of this cigar is never overbearing and is perfect throughout the day. These cigars could even be considered a breakfast cigar to go along with your morning coffee.

Wrapper: Connecticut grown in Ecuador.

Filler & Binder: Cuban grown in Nicaragua.

Red Label Blend

Red Label are Medium-bodied Cigars. This line has two different types of cigar styles.

Our all “Rosado”, wrapper is available in a Torpedo and Toro shape and is a sweeter wrapper and a more traditionally wrapped cigar.

The “Barber Pole”, whose name comes from the old fashioned barber pole during a time of simpler things, is a beautifully crafted cigar which uses the Connecticut wrapper and Rosado wrapper.

Filler & Binder: Cuban grown in Nicaragua.

Brown Label Blend

Brown Label are Medium-to-Full bodied cigars made with the tasty Maduro wrapper. It uses the Spanish word “Maduro”, which means “ripe”, and is most definitely ripe with flavor.

The flavors of this cigar are intense and full of an almost coffee, coco bean mixture. The Maduro wrapper has been a popular one for a while now, due to the complex variation of flavor from the ripening process.

Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro.

Filler & Binder: Cuban grown in Nicaragua.

Blue Label Blend

Blue Label is full hearty, full bodied cigar experience. It uses a dark, shiny, full throttle flavor Habano Oscuro 2000 wrapper. The Oscuro 2000 wrapper is known for its spice and is definitely a cigar for those that love the fullness of tobacco, with a sweet aroma.

Wrapper: Habano grown in Honduras.

Filler & Binder: Cuban grown in Nicaragua.