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Cigar Shop Fresno CA with Expertise & Quality

Cuban family-owned and operated cigar shop in Fresno, CA, since 2006. Proud to be considered by many one of the best premium cigar providers in the California Central Valley.

A family with generations of culture and knowledge in cigar rolling and tobacco cultivation and processing.

Our store, unlike a regular one, is not a reseller. We only commercialize our blend, which allows total control of the quality and consistency of the blend. That is why we offer the most competitive price for premium cigars.

We keep our cigars in our carefully controlled walk-in humidor, monitored with expert advice to ensure you enjoy the best experience.

We also, as expected, provide humidors, lighters, and other accessories.

Cigar Shop Fresno CA

About Our Cigar Blend

Aldo Cigars are hand-rolled, using Cuban tobacco seed cultivated in Nicaragua for binder and filler. We also use Cuban tobacco seed cultivated in Honduras for most of our wrappers. All traditional length sizes are carried from Robustos to Double Corona and ring sizes from Churchill to Chairman for lasting enjoyment.

Other Services We Provide

Wedding Cigar Bar

Elevate your wedding celebration with our exquisite cigar bar, where luxury meets love. Treat your guests with a sophisticated and unforgettable experience to enhance your special day.

Cigar Rolling Show

Experience the artistry and craftsmanship of cigar rolling like never before with our captivating cigar-rolling shows. Our expert cigar roller will entertain and educate your guests, making your event an unforgettable affair filled with the aroma and skill of the finest cigars.

Custom Cigar Labels

Elevate your special occasion with our personalized custom cigar labels. From weddings to anniversaries, our custom designs add a unique touch to every memorable moment.

If you are looking for a Cigar Shop Fresno CA, visit us and we guarantee you wont be dispointed. See you then.